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RBL Bank Developer Portal

Developer portal is a web interface for publishing features, which are increasingly being used for communication with the developer/s community. This includes communicating static content, such as Guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Swagger, API documentation, terms-of-use and policies, as well as dynamic contributed content like forums, blogs and support pages.

As an API provider, the portal expose APIs, educate developers about our APIs, sign up developers and lets you register your apps... View More

Best practices for API

Working with user data, may be personal or financial, can be tricky & a delicate issue. The people are extra cautious about how, where and with whom they trust their data will be. As developers, it’s our job to ensure that users’ data is treated with extreme integrity and with highest possible security standards.

You may often wonder - what’s the best practice to start with, how do I make sure that user data is well maintained and managed and what is the highest level of security can be achieved... View More

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