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APIs Capabilities

Oct 07, 2016

You must have experienced writing lots of pages of applications, signing those applications, repeating the same information again and again, re-writing those pages if information is incorrectly filled up so on and so forth….. The task is tiring and time consuming as well. To overcome this, business puts lots of money and makes the system which suites their business functionalities. And, we, all business, create their identical systems in the market. Loads of funds and efforts are applied to bring the uniformity to the business, to achieve differencing capabilities. However when it comes to connecting various businesses it needs rework on technological architecture, investing into huge amount of fixed and variable costs as well.

There are lots of innovation and disruptive technology introduced in recent past, which presses businesses to look for shift in their skills and deploying efficient tools.

Now no more struggle, no need to make provision for changing the existing functionaries and no more loss of man hours due to planning and implementation. To all such questions, API is the answer.

What is API, how it functions and why should we do it ??

API is an Application Programming Interface. It connects two identical systems with a thread to ease communicate. It establishes a link which enables sending and receiving of information in electronic form at economical cost.

API is about creating an ecosystem for every participant of business in the market. Its creating pool of opportunity for every business may it is a start-up, armature or expert in the market. 

Let’s understand API capabilities by visiting select feature of API engagement

  • Integrated seamless transmission of request like payments, statement or inquiry on any transactions
  • Easy administration, lowest interface changes and capacity building
  • Information could be accessed and distributed via your erstwhile accounting system or mobile devices
  • Value added services like collection alerts facility, setting up sandbox testing and conscience with compliance aspect of the business
  • Large variety API services for NBFC, Agri, AMC or FMCG business
  • Differentiating architecture for smooth functioning of API calls
  • Emphasis on dedicated experience team to create encouraging user experience
  • Focused API products which are pre built solution to integrate in your existing services
  • Value enriching systems to provide best solutions for clients


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