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RBL Basic API Plan
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Corporate Account Statement API 1.0.0-rev7 This is the Corporate Account Statement API -Receive an instant overview of transactions on in your account and you don't even need to be logged in to your Internet banking account -Know your bank account balance instantly / Get a consolidated view of your account -Account attributes can be fetched in one click (attribute includes a/c name, cust id, cust segment, Primary RM etc.) Benefits: -Real time account status details – the pull and push of data will be automatic… thus, will have the most updated status details of your accounts -At the emotional level, will be freed of substantial time (the upload and download/ reconciliation) which can be devoted to some other work -Omission of manual entries, which will ensure error-free reporting -Identify services used and the associated bank fees, especially for large accounts -View account statement of first 24 months (i.e. Statement for past 24 months will be available online)
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Corporate Single Payment API 1.0.0-rev10 RBL Bank customer can send a payment request Fund transfer (between a/c’s within The RBL Bank), NEFT, RTGS, IMPS or even DD directly from his ERP solution. The API will also check for authorization matrix built, as per MOA Board Resolution, during integration setup.
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